Welcome to the Connecticut Chapter of the American Sewing Guild.  Our members come from all over Connecticut to meet, talk and learn about the ever expanding field of sewing as an art and a life skill.
As an art, clothing is the way we display what we like and how we feel, the colors we love and the styles that make us confident.  Knowing we look good makes every day easier.  Worldwide influences and ideas inspire us in new ways to create something from scratch or transform a ready made item from basic to fabulous.
As a life skill, learning to sew is one way to create practical items or an heirloom creation to be saved and honored for years to come.  Sewing is one of the great ways to be able to take are of yourself, from making window treatments for your new home to making a gift for a close friend or relative.
Add up the cost of having someone do the little things for you.  We are always limited by our finances, saving a few dollars sewing on a button, or shortening a hem could add up to a dinner out in a great little black dress you created for yourself. 
We come from all walks of like and all skill levels.  Our goal is to encourage and inspire each other and have fun along the way.  Our purpose is to provide information, education, and programs for our members and the community.  
Join us for a meeting (see the Neighborhood Groups section), see what we do, how we do it, and why we love it!

Connecticut ASG


WELCOME TO The Connecticut Chapter of the american Sewing Guild!