CT Chapter ASG

Our Chapter is one of many chapters across the USA, and represents members from Connecticut.  Seems obvious, doesn't it?

However, we are part of a large national organization that numbers in the tens of thousands.

Here's the best news - as a member, you can participate with very, very few exceptions in any event held in any chapter across the country.

If you travel, we encourage you to visit the national website, and read the member newsletters for your destination area.  If your schedule allows, drop in on one of their events (please note registration requirements!!) or neighborhood group meetings.  We'd love you to come home and share whom you met and what you've learned.

Closer to home, check out the neighborhood groups that meet across the state of Connecticut.  You can go to any of the meetings.  Again, use common courtesy if you don't know the members of the group and introduce yourself.  We know you'll be glad you checked it out.